Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Professional quality product . . .

In September I blogged about our High School Green Team receiving an $80,000 grant from State Farm Insurance.  The purpose of the grant was to support their efforts at promoting deeper understanding of storm water pollution in our schools and community and identifying solutions to the problems caused by storm water runoff.  The girl on the right in the picture is Cassandra Houghton, a senior at the High School and one of the driving forces behind this initiative.

One of the products of the initiative is the professional quality video below of Cassandra presenting to our ninth graders.  If you take the time to view the video you will be impressed with the information being shared and with the presentation by Cassandra.  Her passion and commitment are present in her words and in her delivery.  She did on awesome job!  Earlier this spring she was honored by King County as a 2013 School Earth Hero and was one of three out of 29 that received special recognition for their efforts.

Behind the scenes in this video and one of Cassandra's mentors is Peter Donaldson who provides guidance and support for our sustainability work.  Peter is guiding the efforts to create rain gardens on our sites that serve as a models and teaching spaces for our science program.  High school teacher and Green Team Advisor, Clare Nance, is another adult that has supported and provided opportunities for Cassandra to live her passion in our school system.  Thanks to them for nurturing the passion that our young people bring to these efforts.

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