Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A heartfelt thank you . . .

Though there is not much time left in National Teacher Day, I want to join the many others thanking teachers in our system and all teachers for the commitment that they make to support the learning of our most important resource, our young people.

I always struggle with finding words on these celebratory days that adequately convey my feelings for teachers.  It seems too easy and impersonal to do a blog post or to send an email conveying my appreciation, but that is what I find myself doing.  So, thank you for creating learning environments that produce outstanding results and for doing this in overcrowded schools and at times under less than supportive conditions.  Thank you for contributing to a culture that embraces collaboration and views change as an opportunity for growth.  Thank you for sharing your experience, expertise, and passion with our young people.  Most of all, thank you for choosing us and for your role in contributing to a good school system seeking greatness.

Thanks, Mike

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