Friday, May 10, 2013

Simply unbelievable . . .

I just sent Melissa Corby and Ken Riggs an e-mail thanking them for a thoroughly enjoyable evening watching Les Miserables.  The singing and acting were so good that I can't believe I was watching students.  Their voices were amazing and the acting of a professional quality.  The young people in the starring roles are truly impressive, but what struck me the most was the quality of talent across the whole cast that also included students from our elementary schools.

It was for me one of the most impressive high school performances of any kind that I have had the privilege of attending and is one that I will remember.  Thank you to Melissa and Ken for creating a stage for our young people to showcase their talent and for the memories that they will take with them forever.  Tonight was one more reason to be proud to be associated with the quality young people and adults that make up our school system.

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