Sunday, May 19, 2013

A reinforcing email . . .

Last Friday I received an email from one of the business owners that attended our Cafe event that I blogged about here.  It was one of many comments that attendees shared with me about their positive experience.  The email took it a step further and I wanted to share part of it with you.

Your people are OUTSTANDING. I live and breathe in FORTUNE 500® corporate environment, and attend a lot of meetings with folks in facilitator roles – I was very impressed with Ms. Kathy Whylie as group facilitator -- Ms. Whylie brought her contagious passion, attention and smile as she made sure that all voices were heard, while accurately capturing the essence of our group discussion – great facilitator! 

Kathy was one of the many table facilitators that supported the conversations.  She and the others did a great job as they do in all of our work.  We are blessed to have competent, committed individuals and teams supporting our efforts.  This email reinforces what I already knew about the quality of people I have the privilege to work with, but it is always good to have one's beliefs reinforced by others.

I'm looking forward to the information and guidance from this process and will share how it will influence our Future Ready initiative as we move forward.

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Jonathan said...

Ms. Whylie should get a raise!