Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An unusual board meeting . . .

This is what we saw at last night’s board meeting held at Tahoma High School.  Please understand that this is far from a typical attendance at our meetings.  Usually when we look out we see some staff and a few people with the occasional student needing to fulfill some requirement to attend a public meeting.

Why the big difference and why at the high school?  The simple answer is that we outgrew the board room for the annual meeting to honor AP scholars.  We needed a larger room to honor those that have achieved this honor.  The program has grown to the point where last year our students took almost 1000 AP exams.  Brooke Dillon, under whose leadership the program has been nurtured and supported, just missed her goal of 1000. 

An added benefit was the opportunity for the Board and those in attendance to hear about and thank two members from the high school Green Team for receiving a grant from State farm Insurance in excess of $80,000.  The money will go towards promoting their ground water work on our school campuses and in the community.

 Finally the Board chose the cord that will become a new honor for Tahoma High School graduates beginning with this year’s graduating class.  Here is a link to information about qualifications and the application process.  After this presentation and decision the students stayed for a reception hosted by the PTA and we adjourned to the library to continue our meeting with three people in the audience.  That looked more normal, but didn’t bring with it the same energy and enthusiasm.

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benilhalk said...

Board meetings are always interesting. I went for a jewelry exhibition at one of the lavish meeting space San Francisco recently. Loved the designs and display was attractive too. Will suggest the same venue to my friend as she is planning for an art & craft exhibition in coming months.