Thursday, September 13, 2012

No endorsement for governor . . .

The League of Education Voters recently made the decision to not endorse either candidate for governor.  In this press release they share their reasons for this decision.

“While both candidates offer promising ideas for improving education in Washington, neither rises to the standard necessary to receive our endorsement,“ said Bob Roseth, chair of the Board of Directors of LEV. “In particular, neither candidate offers a credible plan for ample, sustainable funding of a world-class public education system.”

This is an organization that does not shy away from endorsing candidates or taking a position on educational issues and initiatives making this an interesting decision.  My sense is that both candidates wanted that endorsement.  In previous posts I have shared my concerns with the candidates common position to significantly increase education revenue without a realistic plan for identifying where that revenue will come from.  The League is looking for a governor who will implement reforms aligned with their belief system with an ample funding source behind the reforms, not candidates who say they will increase educational funding by $1 billion with faulty plans for generating the revenue.

“To LEV, revenue and reform are irrevocably linked. One without the other is not a truly serious education agenda,” said Roseth. “Neither candidate presented a plan that delivered on both halves of this equation.”

I believe that this was a well thought out decision.  Whether you agree with their positions or not this decision may force both candidates to give more thought on just how they are going to find the

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Scott Mitchell said...

Often times I think organizations endorse candidates that they feel is a lesser evil. With mckenna's clear ideals that unions are the problem, I can see why WEA endorses a union supporter. NEA though did a early endorsement of Obama in the summer of 2011. My question was why? Way had he done for us that proves he should have an early endorsement. I was there for that vote and voted no, not because I would not vote for Obama but because I did not feel he had earned an early endorsement.

I see both sides of this coin. On one hand I say good for LEV for taking a stand but on the other side I think it is risky to not put funds towards the race and not be a player in the battle for Olympia.