Monday, September 10, 2012

Good news and . . .

In this post from last week I shared my annual anxiety with the first student enrollment count.  Unlike the last two years when the first count was under budget, this year's is about 120 students over budget.  This definitely relieves the anxiety over the budget number, but now it increases the anxiety over being able to house students.  We were over crowded before this increase and if the trend we experienced the last two years of growing over the course of the year continues, we will push the limit of being able to house students in the current alignments and delivery model.

Driving around the city and seeing the housing starts would suggest that growth will continue in the short term.  This current reality will influence the pace of our explorations with the county on the "donut hole" property as we continue conversations on how to move forward in solving our student housing issues.

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Scott Mitchell said...

It is great budget wise to see this increase and what it also means is that our great school system will be able to provide a great education for even more young people. It does however create a housing problem which needs to be addressed. It is sad that the state does not provide for new buildings as basic Ed. If it is paramount then the state should pay to house them. As the year starts I have already had emails regarding large class sizes. When I get these I do not know how to respond. 1. I first think, "I understand the frustration,". 2. The second, which is wrong and by saying this I may open myself up to criticism, I think "what did you do to help pass the last bond measure?". I am sure many helped but that is my thinking. 3. I think what are we going to do to fix it? Lots of great ideas but can we get it done. I think so but it will take effort by everyone. 4. Then my last thoughts are, "what does the future hold for my daughter,who just started Kindergarten at Glacier Park? I worry what the impact of large class sizes, possible double shifting, or year round school will have on the successful learning community we have created for our families in Tahoma.

I look forward to being a part of whatever we can all do for the future of school system.