Sunday, October 13, 2013

Showing leadership . . .

In this KPLU release State Superintendent Randy Dorn says it is time to raise taxes to support public education in our state.  Whether you agree with his proposal or not, I thank him for his leadership at this critical time.  As I shared in this post, there is a huge gap between current education revenue and what is needed to meet the court's McCleary requirements and I don't believe that this gap can be closed with greater government efficiency and program cuts.  New revenue must be found and Dorn is challenging legislators with this proposal.

 “I turned 60. I got three years, three and a half years to make a difference. And I’m teeing it up so people have to pay attention,” he said. “This isn’t just this Legislature’s problem. It’s been a long history of people kicking the can, kicking the can. We cannot kick the can anymore.”

I thank Randy for his leadership and for his challenge not only to the legislators, but to all of us.  How we respond and engage with policy makers will influence the outcome and pace of change.

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