Sunday, October 27, 2013

A different context . . .

In following blogs about the latest international assessment comparison I posted about here, I found the following information that I thought I would share.  Before I share some charts that show how our state compares to other states and to the other countries taking the science and math assessments I thought it would be interesting to share the context for the scores created in this Educationnext post and the link to the interview.

But as Ed Next’s Paul Peterson explains in the article, the pool of countries taking the math and science exams includes many developing countries, and several industrialized nations, including France, Germany and Denmark, did not participate. “So if you really want to compare the U.S. to the developing world, then we do look good,” Peterson told Motoko Rich.

Given that, the charts below show our state in comparison to the other states and to the other countries   referred to in the Educationnext post.

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