Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Get on with it . . .

I found this TED talk at The Heart of Innovation blog.  The short description caught my attention so I watched all 22 minutes of it.

This is quite extraordinary. Sugata Mitra's TED talk on the future of learning. Blows the top off of what you think education is and how you think it happens.

In it he shares his  experiments with young people he called the Hole in the Wall where he placed a computer behind a wall and left it for children to play with.  The content and language were both foreign to the students.  The results were surprising and led him to his vision of the School in the Cloud and Self Organizing Learning Environments where adults let learning happen instead of making it happen.

Though I don't completely align with his vision, there is much to learn from his work and from the question he poses.  Is learning obsolete?  I say, no but at the same time see value in his suggestion of a curriculum around big questions and placing students in a position to be collaborative workers and own the learning.  To understand the quote in the picture you will need to watch the video, or at least the end of the it.


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