Monday, October 21, 2013

Providing bond information . . .
This evening was the last of four open meetings that the board held for residents of the community to ask questions and raise concerns about the bond measure.  Some very good questions were asked about the cost, planning, options reviewed, enrollment projections and capacity issues, traffic, fields, and the ability of the community to support it.  For the first time, we even had two community members concerned that we might not be able to complete the projects with the requested dollar amount and wanting assurances that we had quality project management in place.

Tonight's was a very good conversation between the board and community members with questions and concerns.  Following the meeting, I had a further conversation with two of those in attendance who said that the information they received had convinced them to support the measure.  One of those also shared his concern that we did not do a good job of getting this type of information to community members.  I struggled with that comment and shared with him that tonight's meeting of about fifteen had more people attend than any of the other three meetings and may in fact have been about the same as the other three combined.

We want and need people to have accurate information as they make this decision and we try to find vehicles for this to happen.  Yet, we also continue to get feedback from some that they didn't know there was a bond measure and we need to do a better job of informing the public.  We try, but it has historically proven difficult for us to find a venue where significant numbers from our community turn out for these well publicized opportunities.

Though ballots have been mailed and many have already voted, this evening's meeting demonstrated that there are still voters needing questions answered and additional information to make a decision.  Please consider this as you engage with people in the community and decide what can be done before the November 5th deadline for posting ballots.

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Wendy Castleman said...

I hope that after this bond we don't hear a single person say that they didn't know there was a school bond on the ballot! Outside the Do-It Center yesterday, we still had a few folks with that response.