Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rural Halloween . . .

I've shared before that the Maryanski household has historically not experienced a "neighborhood" Halloween with large numbers of trick or treaters.  I'm always amazed at the stories of how much candy is handed out in Maple Valley neighborhoods.  We live in an area where homes are on 2.5 or 5 acre lots so we are fairly far apart and there are no street lights so parents usually drive the kids through the area.  It seems like each year we have fewer and fewer kids knocking on our door with tonight's total being 10 including a couple adults.

The biggest turn outs were when our kids were young and one of the neighbors hooked up the tractor to the wagon and went house-to-house.  There were fewer homes, but more children at the time.  I guess one could say we are an aging neighborhood where many of us have stayed in the same home after our children have grown and started their own families.  Even back then, however, a big turn out was 15 to 20 kids.  What are some of the numbers that visited your home.


Scott Mitchell said...

We had about 175 kids in our neighborhood right across the street from Glacier Park Elem. Our end of the neighborhood likes to be outside, we had a big fire pit going, and just hang out at the end of street handing out candy as a group.

My daughter and wife visited the big pirate ship house in Maplewood which is absolutely ridiculous. They throw candy coins from the roof and bead necklaces, hand out full size candy bars, have actors, and a two and half story pirate ship on one side of their house. It is pretty amazing.

It was a good Halloween and we have tons of candy at the house.

Mrs. C said...

We only get two kids who come to our house. Like you, I live in the "rural" part of Snoqualmie on a private road. We only have two kids who live on our road, but they go up to Snoqualmie Ridge for trick or treating. The two kids we do get are our two nieces. It's nice- one bag of candy does it and I don't have a ton of left-overs!