Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Providing bond information . . .

I had an opportunity this evening to share bond information at a Vote Committee meeting at the High School.  Once again, I left wondering about how to get this message to ALL voters so that they can make an educated decision in November.  People in this meeting were in attendance to consider how they can support the work of the committee so it was a supportive audience.  The questions they asked, however, made me realize again just how difficult it is to condense the complexity of the bond measure into a two page document or even a series of online posts.

In previous posts I have shared some possible options for sharing information such as using an infographic to get the attention of community members.  As we rapidly approach the November election date, I find myself struggling to identify adaptive solutions to this need for disseminating information.  I'm also struggling with the lack of conversation in our schools and in the community about the bond and my inability to tell a story that results in tension that leads to an informed voter.

I'm open to suggestions as we schedule meetings with local organizations, homeowner associations, and other groups to share the over crowded conditions in our buildings and how the bond measure projects are the preferred solution.  Please consider sharing your thinking as we search for adaptive solutions.

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