Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sneak preview . . .

As I shared in this earlier post, tomorrow is the first of two days of our Leadership Retreat.  Below are the slides identifying the learning targets for the day.

Our intent is for the teams to use all the data in front of them to describe their current reality as it relates to our Classroom 10 goal and to an aspiration they have for growth this year.  In the absence of a shared aspiration they will not see growth and change that sustains over time across all building classrooms.  Basing decisions on the structures and strategies for moving forward on inaccurate descriptions of current reality lessens the potential impact that these supports will have on change.

In addition to these learning targets, we want teams to leave feeling tension between their current reality and their aspiration.  It is this gap that will motivate them after the meeting to continue their conversations, to share their work with their colleagues, and to ensure that they find and implement the supports necessary for growth across all building classrooms.  We will share information and tools to assist them in making the critical choices necessary to support all teachers while remaining focused on building cultures focused on growth in instructional practice and improved student achievement.

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