Monday, July 15, 2013

Another Daniel Pink suggestion . . .

Back in May I posted about a short video from Daniel Pink sharing insights into his book To Sell Is Human about the power of pitching with a question.  I asked readers to share their thoughts about a possible question to pitch our upcoming bond measure.  Jonathan was the only person to share a comment that contained some guidance on what he sees as the primary message.

Pink has now posted another short video on Chapter 7 of his book sharing a study that suggests that rhyming may be another tool to enhance your message.  People were given proverbs and asked to measure their accuracy of human behavior.  One group was given proverbs with a rhyme and the other the same proverb without a rhyme.  Those with a rhyme were rated more favorably than those without even though respondents said the rhyme did not influence their decision.

So, how might we use this tool in our message about the bond measure?  View the short video for some insight.

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