Monday, July 8, 2013

The next big decision . . .

In case you haven't seen it, here is a link to an article by Kris Hill in the Covington Maple Valley Reporter about the $4 million in the state capital budget for our purchase of "Donut Hole" property from King County.  It includes quotes from some of the key people involved in this complex process.  Once again I want to say thank you to them for positioning us for a bond measure to build a comprehensive 9-12 high school in the city of Maple Valley.

We have started the conversation with County staff to move forward on the purchase as we continue our conversations on what to include in a bound measure.  Our most urgent need is for additional capacity, but we also have maintenance needs that are not possible through the operating budget.  The next big decision for the Board will be identifying the scope of projects to include in the proposal that will determine the dollar amount of the bond measure.  This decision will be an action item on the Board's July 23rd agenda.

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Unknown said...

Hi Mike,
I would like to say I have been asked a lot by parents and community members about the bond and they really need a "just the facts" apporach to the overcrowding situation. We need to tell them the reality and plain and simple facts about what our kids are dealing with on a daily basis, not enough seats in the middle schools for all kids, kids taking all books becasue of locker issues, etc at EACH level of schools. The parents in elementary don't realize what is actually happening at the older schools and vise versa. If we spend to much time on what we want to do and not on what the real problems are, we seem to just lump the problems into the term "overcrowding." I think people will not understand WHY we need to bond to pass.
We need to display the facts in a subway type sign ALL OVER TOWN. With percentages, facts, and what will happen if we don't vote. Many people also point out we are not using the money we have wisely. Maybe that could be addressed as well. Just a thought.