Thursday, July 25, 2013

And rolling . . .

It was another great day at Camp Snowball.  Our module time seems to fly buy as we share our learning journey with others from around the country.  Today, we talked about the importance of mental models, ladders of inference, and balancing advocacy with inquiry.  We then provided them with some time to reflect on their current reality and how some of these tools might be useful in closing the gap between their reality and a preferred vision.  Below, is a picture of two administrators from Milwaukee discussing the structures and strategies to close the gap.

This evening, Dawn and I attended the SoLEd governance meeting where we discussed the future of the organization and next year's location for Camp Snowball 2014.  We made the decision to research possible sites in the Portland area making it a much easier journey for us and saving a whole day of travel and lodging.  We also learned that those attending Mike and Brett's module are sharing how valuable the learning has been and how great they are as instructors.  This doesn't surprise us as we know that they are great teachers.  Below, is a picture of Brett yesterday sharing his experiences this past year as a member of SoLEd's Common Core Initiative.  I'd share a picture of Mike, but he has the capacity as someone else I know to melt into backgrounds and avoid exposure to cameras.  I'll try to get a whole group picture tomorrow, one he will find more difficult to avoid as the kids will ensure his presence.

A shot of those that make this work so rewarding as they went this afternoon on their community learning journeys.

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