Sunday, July 28, 2013

The story resonates . . .
Thanks to Mike for his comment sharing some of his experience at Camp Snowball and how what we are doing resonates with other districts, forming an aspiration for a better place for young people and the adults that support them.

However, like so regularly happens, what really seemed to speak to many folks was the Tahoma School District's story. It is a powerful one.

We experienced something similar in our module where there were three staff from the same school system high up on the organizational chart.  What is so surprising to me is that the tools that we were sharing are not difficult to teach and use when a group of adults decides that they want to learn and grow together.  Over the past week, I believe that our story influenced the beginning of an aspiration for them to become more collaborative.  They want to change the way that adults interact with each other because they believe that will influence their capacity to respond to the needs of young people in their system.

As Mike shared in his comment about the three-legged graphic they used when talking to administrators   in the large system, it was the simple graphic below that we used in our module that sparked the tension leading to this aspiration.  We showed that it is possible to move a system when an aspiration moves to a shared vision.

And, in case you thought we are done learning, we shared the aspiration for continued learning on our journey.  It is unfolding as we come together to see how best to respond to the many mandates from outside the system while we preserve the essence of our Classroom 10 journey.

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