Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Snowball is rolling . . .

The days at Camp are long, filled with a lot of sitting, conversation, listening, and eating.  As I shared in an earlier post, Mary Jane, Dawn, and I are teaching a module on Leading Change in School Systems.  We have thirteen people from around the country with us and the feedback suggests that our story and the knowledge and tools that we are sharing are ones that will support them moving their current reality closer to an aspiration that they have for change in their system.

We also have two of our teachers, Mike Hanson and Brett Thompson teaching the Secondary Introduction to Systems Thinking Module to a larger number of teachers and adminstrators.  In addition, Tahoma has had a significant presence at every  general session with three students participating in panel presentations and one teacher sharing his experience using system tools in his classroom with all other campers.  I was very impressed with the capacity of our young people to express themselves and once again proud to be a Bear.  Our students and teachers are playing a leadership role, forming relationships, and adding to their understanding of system thinking/dynamics and education for sustainability that they will bring back to our system.

Below are some pictures of our campers in action.

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Scott Mitchell said...

This s great work, way to go.