Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Learning at camp . . .

Graphic artist documenting the sessions
I have had two productive days at Camp Snowball.. I picked Practical Applications of Systems Thinking for School Leaders as my Core Module and it is turning out to be a good choice. The facilitators, Mary Sheetz and Tony Robinson from the Ritenour School District in St. Louis are giving me practical leadership applications for system tools that for too long I have avoided. I can see how they can provide additional leverage for the conversations and decisions that we face on our key content learning journey.

I also made the decision to do a Pecha Kucha presentation on our learning organization journey.  A pecha kucha is a presentation using 20 slides each lasting 20 seconds.  I chose to use slides from our leadership institutes which proved to be difficult for me because on some of the slides I would spend 20 minutes or more.  Having only 20 seconds to craft a meaningful message was hard.  It became more difficult when they turned the lights down making it hard to see my index cards, causing me to stumble on the first couple of slides.  Based on the feedback I guess it was ok and I'm glad it is behind me.

You can follow the learning journey of the four students with us as they blog daily here.  As always, we have great kids who are contributing to the success of the conference and are gaining ideas for sustainability projects back in their schools.
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