Saturday, July 14, 2012

Buying signatures . . .

In case you didn't see how much money was spent to gather signatures for the Charter School Initiative check out this short Education Week piece.  According to PDC filings supporters spent about $6 for each signature gathered for a total of about $2.1 million.  That means they have about $200,000 left to begin the yes campaign.  The opponents of Initiative 1240 have raised about $16,000 to date.  Looks like a classic David versus Goliath encounter when it comes to donations.

How much money do you think the proponents will raise and what influence will it have on the outcome?

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Scott Mitchell said...

Well, I am sure that WEA will be putting some of their money towards this but I think it will be man power not money that WEA will mostly bring to the table. It will be a busy fall that is for sure. WEA will be playing a big role in the Inslee campaign and on this issue. The education system will have a lot on the line this election. Over the past 12 years in education, i have always felt empowered to make a difference and be a part of the solution. Unfortunately it can be defeating when it is so constant. There is no break from the politics of education. It is no longer a gear up for an election, it is a constant barrage of legislators and the public making decisions about something they know nothing about. It is ridiculous that you can buy signatures and elections, but WEA will be playing this game also.