Sunday, July 15, 2012

The battle looms . . .

Reading Scott's comment to last night's post made me think about the upcoming battle on Initiative 1240 and who will join WEA in fighting against charter schools.  We know that there will be a lot of prominent voices and money from people such as Gates, Allen, Bezos, Stand for Children, and legislators from both parties.  Who will stand with WEA, teachers, and other public school employees in opposition?

The vote in November will take place in a different context than the previous three times when it was defeated.  There are more divergent voices supporting these schools and we have been bombarded with negative reports and editorials about the failures of public schools since the last vote.  Even though the research is mixed on charters, like most research in our profession, it seems like what gets in the media is mostly positive.

It will be people versus money and what it can buy.  Who will the people be?

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