Saturday, July 7, 2012

Its official . . .

It is now official, the federal education department has announced that Washington and Wisconsin have been granted waivers from many of the NCLB requirements.  Congratulations to Superintendent Dorn and to Deputy Superintendent Alan Burke for their efforts to bring this process to a successful conclusion.  You can read about the announcement in this Seattle Times article.
On a different topic, thanks to Scott for his comment to my post on teaching and feedback.  Your hope for the new evaluation system to foster feedback that results in reflection on the teacher's part is what we are striving for with our Classroom 10 goal on key content.  It will be important for us to work collaboratively to insure that supervision practices do not get lost in the evaluation process.  Also, thanks for asking me for feedback.  I visited hundreds of classrooms this year to support principal learning.  I gave formal feedback only to you because you asked for it and gave in the moment feedback and asked reflective questions on a few occasions.  This was intentional on my part, but giving feedback is something I enjoy and perhaps should reconsider next year.

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