Thursday, December 27, 2012

A message from Simple Truths . . .

I blogged last month and previously about a video from Simple Truths, a source of motivational and inspirational gifts.  Though I don't want it to become a monthly post I will once again share this short (3:55) video clip from their December newsletter titled, May you be blessed.  It just seems appropriate at this joyous time of year that can also bring with it much stress to sit back and enjoy the beautiful photography, soothing music, and message in the clip.

Without comments to a post, one doesn't find out if the readers actually go the links so I don't know the response to posts such as these.  I enjoy these short video clips as a change from following budget battles, court cases, and unfunded mandates and hope that they bring a measure of peace and relaxation to your hectic lives.

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