Thursday, December 6, 2012

Opening the door . . .
Don't lose sight of yesterday's post on the AFT endorsing the potential for a "bar exam" to enter the teaching force as well has higher standards to enter a college teacher certification program.  Looking back, we can see how the AFT opened up the possibility of value added teacher evaluation models through their work with Chancellor Rhee in Washington D.C. and in other school systems.  Though the model in Washington DC was recently revised it is still in place. Opening that door and the subsequent publicity that followed has resulted in change to teacher evaluation across the country including in our state with TPEP.

Will their recommendation for possible higher entrance requirements and an exam to enter the profession result in the same media coverage and resultant influence on policy across the country?  I don't think that we will see the same media coverage, but I do think that it will, over time, influence the certification process.  Universities and policy makers for teacher certification will be slower to respond than state legislators and state education systems to the change, but the AFT decision has opened the door for the conversations to begin.  As I asked yesterday, when and how will the NEA respond?  What do practicing and prospective teachers think about this potential change?

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