Sunday, December 23, 2012

Great football, plus . . .

Sunday night football featuring our Seahawks against the 49'ers and it was all Seahawks.  We won 42 to 13 with the 49'ers scoring their first and only touchdown with less than two minutes in the game.  By that time many of the 49'er fans had already left after suffering much verbal abuse.  It was surprising that there weren't any physical fights considering the verbal sparring that took place.  Even with the win, however, they had the last word as they lead the division by a half game over us.  Perhaps we'll see each other once again later in the playoffs.

Meanwhile, back in Olympia the State Supreme Court on Friday decided that the legislature is not making adequate progress to meet the funding requirements in the McCleary case.

"Steady progress requires forward movement. Slowing the pace of funding cuts is necessary, but it does not equate to forward progress," wrote Chief Justice Barbara Madsen in the order filed Thursday.

You can read a summary and legislator comments in this Education Week article and the Seattle Times opinion in this editorial from Saturday.

The next update from the Legislature to the court should reflect stronger, swifter progress.

“In education, student progress is measured by yearly benchmarks according to essential academic goals and requirements,” wrote Chief Justice Barbara Madsen in Thursday’s order. “The state should expect no less of itself than of its students.”

It is going to be a long session.

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