Thursday, November 15, 2012

Try, try, again . . .

In my last post I asked for comments, no I asked for stories about our journey.  What makes us who we are?  We are a system that continues to emerge over time, formed by the interactions between those of us in our schools and in our community.  We are also shaped by our responses to mandates from the state and federal level such as NCLB, TPEP, and the common core.  During the course of this journey many initiatives are started and many decisions are made as we adapt to changing conditions and needs.

Which of these initiatives, interactions, and decisions have had a significant and lasting impact on the culture of our school system?  Many of us believe that Tahoma is a great place for kids and for the adults that work with and for them.  Why do we believe that?  What do we do or not do that may be different than other systems?  What story can you tell that helps define who we are, what drives our behavior, and who we aspire to be?  As I said in my last post.  Capturing from the past what has contributed to our current reality is an important part of creating the capacity to continue to move forward.

So, generating a response to these questions is worth at least one more try.  The stories that may emerge will contribute to continuing the worthy journey that we find ourselves on.

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