Sunday, November 11, 2012

Technology user problem . . .

I've been trying to get my new computer up and running so that I can post, but I'm struggling to get it going.  When I try to log in it says there are no logon servers available.  I think I probably should have first logged on while in the district.  So, that leaves me with my iPad that I don't like for blogging.  I find it hard to copy and paste sections from an article and links and embedding pictures is beyond my current capacity.

I'm out of the district for the next few days and the thought of having to do all my work on the iPad is unnerving.  I like it for quickly going through my e-mail and RSS feeds and research on the net, but not for blogging or other product work.  What to do and where to get support?

This feeling is probably similar to what some teachers feel when trying to use technology to support learning and they encounter difficulties with making the tool work.  Unlike when I'm in the office and can ask multiple people for help knowing I will have the problem fixed quickly, I'm on my own. Unlike a teacher in the classroom though, I don't have to worry about students while I try to figure it out or I could simply not blog until I find out what I am doing wrong.  This makes me think I may need to revisit my ladder of inference about teachers who struggle with the transition to using technology in their class rooms and the importance of support in the moment.

For now, however, I'll take whatever suggestions you may have for me.  I fear I may be in trouble because I didn't first log on at work though I don't know why.  Hope not, because I would really like to use it.

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crystal said...

I don't know about the log in problem, but I suspect you could be correct about needing to have logged in in-district first.

As far as the problems with blogging from the iPad, I completely agree. I don't believe an iPad is a replacement for a laptop in any way. I think the iPad is revolutionary for viewing information and taking in readings, media, rss, email, annotating documents, etc. But as a productivity tool for creation, it's lacking. It's so much slower to create on the iPad and I don't see the iPad replacing a laptop any time soon. Though I'm curious about Microsoft's surface tablet with the easily attachable keyboard--though I don't know how its multitasking capabilities are...