Monday, November 5, 2012

An opportunity . . .

I'm sure that you have seen pictures and news reports of the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy and the struggles that families, businesses, and schools are facing.  There are many ways to help and though I don't use my blog to ask readers to contribute to worthy causes I decided to share this request from the Shanker Blog.  Together with First Book they are sponsoring an effort to replace books that were lost in the storm.  Though books are not high on the priority list for families needing shelter and other necessities, this is an opportunity to provide youth and families with the comfort found in reading.

Educators and those who care about our public schools can make a special contribution to the recovery efforts. One of the great losses in the flooding that came with Hurricane Sandy was books. The Albert Shanker Institute is partnering with the organization First Book in a drive to replenish school, classroom, and home libraries that were destroyed. We are asking our friends and fellow educators to join in this campaign: your help will ensure that children in need will have new books — stories at bedtime, the chance to be transported to another world, and the opportunity to return to normalcy.

A donation can be made here.

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Scott Mitchell said...

Thank you Mike for sharing this. As a leader for our association, i felt compelled to share this with the staff in a TEA Times Newsletter Snippet via e-mail. While this is not how I usually like to promote things via e-mail, I feel that as an educator, I would be remiss not to have this reach a larger audience via e-mail. Thank you again for sharing.