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Another TPEP update . . .

On November 2nd OSPI released another update on the Teacher Principal Evaluation Pilot (TPEP) process.  Though it is called a pilot, the update is for all districts in the state not just those that have chosen to be involved in the pilot process.  There are a number of links to information, some new and some that have been available prior to this release.

The one I focused on is the rater agreement document found here.  I find this particularly interesting given our work with principals and Classroom 10. We have been working with one section of our instructional model and given my observations and experience we have much work to do before I would say that we have reached rater reliability.  The following definition and three stages of reaching rater agreement are copied from the document.

Considering that there are 290+ school districts in the state and three instructional models to choose from, reaching rater agreement with the large number of administrators rating teachers is a challenge I would not choose to undertake.  Reaching this level with our team has proven to be difficult enough and being forced to choose a state-approved instructional model will increase the complexity and difficulty of the work.

Further in the document we learn that the state has and will continue to provide training for administrators in the RIG districts, those in the pilot process.  We are not one of the districts that has chosen to be in the pilot.  There are far more like us than there are in the pilot.

From the document:

Stage I Training
OSPI, through the services of the Instructional Criteria Framework Feedback Specialists, will provide two-day Stage 1 training for all who evaluate classroom teachers. This two-day overview provides an understanding of the “Big Ideas” of the Instructional or Leadership Frameworks and the inter-dependency of the frameworks, rubrics and state criteria (dates pending for principal evaluator training).

So, there is a two-day training for Stage 1 included in the process.  My experience suggests that it will be difficult for all administrators to develop a foundational understanding of the big ideas in a framework in just two days.  I have been working with central office staff in a number of districts using CEL's 5 Dimension Model and I question if all of us have that understanding and we have met for over ten days.  Reading further I find that the training will be provided for all RIG districts, but the rest of us need to wait for legislative funding.  That is not consistent with the language above that says ALL.

All others - August 2013 (pending legislative funding)

So, we have a mandate to implement the process beginning next year, but we may not receive Stage I training for our administrative team unless the upcoming legislative session results in additional funding.  And, for stage 2?

Stage II Training

OSPI, through the services of the Instructional Criteria Framework Feedback Specialists, will provide 
up to 30 hours* of ongoing training on the frameworks for all who evaluate classroom teachers, 
principals, and assistant principals.

*The RIG 1 districts are currently piloting the Stage 2 training with principals and district administrators. A final determination of 2013 – 14 Stage 2 training will be made during the 2012 – 13 school year and be based, in part, on legislative budget approval. Stage 2 training is also dependent on the amount of growth needed by the evaluators. Since this is a performance-based system, a principal’s evaluation should be based, in part, on their progress toward rater agreement.

Once again, a training scope that may not be adequate to acquire the capacity for all administrators to use the model to promote growth and it is also contingent on legislative budget approval in 2013 for districts such as ours.  I'm making an assumption about the training for us because the update only speaks to the RIG districts. The more I read, the more this sounds and feels like it could become another one of those mandates that come with inadequate support.

In case you are wondering what training will be provided for administrators in Stage 3, the summative evaluation and final scoring there is none.

. . . OSPI does not provide training for this stage although portions of Stage 2 training may have

applicability toward Stage 3. Stage 3 should be integrated into the evaluation of
principals (Criterion 5) and district administrators.

If you wold like to share what you know about the TPEP process with OSPI, there is a survey open for feedback until November 14th.  I did it and was able to give some feedback not only about what I know, but I also shared some concerns in the comment opportunities.  The survey can be found here.

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Boomer said...

I think one good thing teachers and administrators will find is that the CEL Framework matches well with the work being done in Tahoma. I have worked with the framework for the past three years and my foundation of quality teaching and learning that I learned while teaching in Tahoma helped me make an easy transition.

I agree that it will take more than a two day training to build foundational knowledge, but it is good work and will be beneficial to teachers, administrators and most importantly students.