Thursday, October 25, 2012

Teacher Leadership journey . . .

We had both our elementary and secondary Leadership Institutes this week.  The focus was on all eight components of our Key Content district goal.  We used videos of district teachers as a vehicle for teacher leaders and administrators to identify instructional practices aligned with each of the eight components of our goal.  Kristin, Renae, Dawn, and Nancy did a great job of compiling the videos and taking us through a process that assisted us in identifying and labeling the instructional practices we observed.

What did we learn?  Well, we learned that teachers in our system are using these preferred instructional practices in their class rooms.  We learned that, with focus and support, these practices can become part of any teacher's repertoire.  Though I don't have a great deal of feedback, I believe that the teacher leaders left this learning opportunity feeling positive about the potential for achieving our goal by the end of this school year.  I also believe that they left with some creative tension as they consider how best to support their colleagues in learning about and incorporating these and other preferred instructional practices into their repertoire.

John shared the following in a comment to a post following elementary leadership on Tuesday.

Today I asked my grade level chair how the leadership training went today. He was very positive and reflective in his response. He said he found it reassuring to see practices from the video lab that reinforce the good teaching practices he witnesses at Rock Creek every day. This was his first time in the Teacher Leadership Institute in some years and he was impressed. He also mentioned that he was actually surprised that we were doing as well as were doing; as if these practices were some kind of mystery to anyone who has not been able to attend the TLI (my words, not his).

I am interested in other feedback that you may be willing to share as either someone who attended the training or from others that may have discussed it with someone who attended.

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