Saturday, October 27, 2012

Learning from fleas and a lid . . .

One of the blogs I follow is dangerously ! irrelevant written by Scott McLeod.  A few days ago he did a post  titled Don't Be The Lid featuring a video by Jason Ramsden.  There is a message in the video for all of us that have the opportunity to support others and especially for those of us in positions with positional power.  We have the responsibility to ensure that the cultures in our learning environments do not do to teachers what the lid does to the fleas.

Unfortunately, I am not able to embed the video on this post.  Please consider going to Scott's post to view this 56 second video.  I can, however, share the video that led Ramsden to do the remix of Don't Be The Lid.  In this dangerously ! irrelevant post Scott shares three examples of the power of organizational norms to shape behavior.  One of those is the flea jar wondering if our classrooms are like a jar of fleas.  Ramsden changed the focus to leaders and teachers.

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Scott McLeod said...

Thanks for sharing my posts. Glad you liked the videos!