Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A CCS comment . . .

Thanks Jonathan for sharing your feedback to my request in this blog post focused on implementation of the Common Core State Standards.  Below is his comment using the Experience Cube as a framework.

Jonathan said...
I am observing . . .group of professionals willing to take on a big challenge.

I am thinking . . .we may not yet realize the true scope of this undertaking.

I am feeling . . .interested in learning more about the CCSS.

I am wanting . . .to believe these are reachable goals.

These are mental models that will influence his work and that of his colleagues as we move forward with this initiative.  It would be informative if a few more of my “74 Members” would consider sharing their thoughts. I'll move on to other topics that are building in my blog file, but this is one that will have significant influence our work and I am interested in hearing and understanding the mental models that teachers are bringing with them.

Thanks for following my sometimes random thinking and what I find as interesting happenings. 

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