Sunday, October 14, 2012

Football on weekend, instruction on . . .

Sorry for another football post, but the Seahawks pulled off another win in the last two minutes.  They came from behind to win 24 to 23 after stopping the Patriots with about three minutes left in the game.  Century Link was rocking.  I don't know how much of a difference the 12th Man made,  but it was sure fun trying to make it difficult for Brady and the Patriots.

Two times in the last three days I watched a live football game, first our Bears and today the Seahawks.  In between, I watched much of the Husky game on TV.  I like other sports, but football seems to have a special draw for me.  Other than work and family, it is about the only thing I prioritize on my calendar.  Missing a Bear game is actually more stressful than missing a Seahawk game, something I had to do twice already this year when I missed the Cowboy and Packer games for work related reasons.  Today's game partially made up for missing those great games.

With football behind me until Friday when the Bears take on Kentlake for their homecoming game, I can focus on instruction as we prepare for our leadership learning journey at the high school on Tuesday and the superintendent cohort Wednesday in Highline.  I continue my learning journey trying to create a deeper understanding of CEL'S 5D instructional model and the new principal evaluation model that must also be implemented next year when we move to the new teacher evaluation requirement.

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Scott Mitchell said...

I enjoyed a weekend of football also, which also takes a big priority in my life coming only after family and work. Friday I followed my HS alma mater (SK) on the web, Saturday I watched a video feed of the CWU game, then followed that up with the UW game, woke up this morning and watched my Cowboys lose (again) and the Hawks win a great one (anytime Brady gets beat is a good game). Also watched the Pack beat the Texans tonight. My wife dislikes the football season except that she can watch her Hallmark/Lifetime movies no Sunday afternoon.

Also all this football allows me time to do my work also. I graded science tests, created a science test, planned math for the next 3 weeks, read up on some of the newest evaluation materials from Scott Poireier, sent out some political reminder emails to members, planned executive board meeting, and started planning for our upcoming evaluation negotiations. All in all a productive weekend and ready for a productive week of work.