Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Camp Snowball starts . . .

We are in Tucson for Camp Snowball, a conference focused on system thinking and sustainability.  At the conference we will have an opportunity to learn from people like Peter Senge, Michael Fullan, staff of the Waters Foundation, and to also share our journey with conference participants.  Our membership with the Society of Organizational Learning (SoL) has has led to this learning and sharing opportunty.  I am here with four students, Mary Jane our board chair, teachers Mike Hanson and Kathryn Strojan, and Dawn Wakeley.  We are registered and ready for tomorrow morning's opening of the conference.

Getting off the plane and feeling the heat was a dramatic departure from what we are experiencing at home.  That heat changed by 7:30, however, to black skies and a prolonged thunder storm that lasted through dinner.  I tried to capture a picture of the lightening with my camera phone.  Mike reminded me that I would have been more successful with a video on the ipad.  Oh well, next time, which may be a likely possibility here in Tucson.

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