Sunday, July 3, 2011

Amy sent me this link to an article in the Washington Post sharing a resolution passed at the NEA convention in Chicago. She, Scott, and John are attending what should prove to be an interesting and important gathering of representatives from the nation's largest teacher's union. The article shares a resolution passed on the first day that includes 13 reasons why NEA is appalled with Secretary Duncan. The resolution will be sent to President Obama who will likely do little if anything with it.

Scott let me know that I could follow the event on the TEA Facebook page. I found the page, but could't find where to follow the convention. Maybe I need to friend TEA. Wow, a superintendent friending the union page. I'll wait for some guidance before going that far. After all, I still haven't asked to be anyone's friend yet.

They discussed teacher evaluation today - a topic of interest to me. I am wondering how far they will move in this area to allow student achievement data as a part of the process.

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Scott Mitchell said...

Mike, I just changed the group page to open to public so you can read without joining. I get the dilemma. Plus we will be switching soon to a page instead of a group. Today they only read through the evaluation proposal and we have 7 amendments already in line to begin discussing tomorrow morning in our state caucus at 7 am. This has been one of the most inspiring works of the democratic process I have been a part of.