Monday, July 25, 2011

Camp Snowball Day 5 . . .

Today was the last day of camp, a time for reflection and celebration.  Our team left this afternoon so they were not able to share in the closing sessions and celebrations.  I am staying over until tomorrow morning because I was asked to be part of the team sharing thoughts about the camp experience and planning for the future of the Society of Organizational Learning education component.

Before leaving, we were able to share our leadership and sustainability journey with about 50 students and adults from across the nation.  Our journey is one that demonstrates what can happen when a shared vision is established and adults commit to supporting learning that young people find meaningful and important.  We did a great job.  People left with information and resources that will support their leadership and sustainability journey.

I am so proud of our team.  Having Mary Jane representing our board was viewed by some in our session as evidence of a vision that reached to the board.  She introduced our journey and the commitment and pride in our work was evident in her words and sharing.  Once again the kids did great work.  They each shared personal observations about a sustainability unit they experienced and the importance of continuing to engage in this work. 

Below, are some pictures of one of our students using her art talent to support the session facilitator's preparation for the session and the students sharing during the session.

While we were presenting, our two teachers were in class increasing their knowledge base on how to use system thinking archetypes in the classroom.  This year they will work with other teachers to bring these concepts into our classrooms.  We believe that this learning will provide students with a knowledge base and skill set that enhances their problem solving capacity.  We are forming a partnership with the Waters Foundation to support us in this work.

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