Thursday, May 19, 2011

What next . . .

What will they think of next? I follow Ian Juke’s The Committed Sardine blog where I learned that Pepsi has developed a SOCIAL vending machine. One can now gift a friend with and actually record a video message by simply inputting the person’s name and cell phone number. The person can redeem the gift or pass it along to a friend with a personalized message. You will need to get in line, however, because there is only one machine. Do you believe that this machine will find its way to your staff room?

On the other end of the technology spectrum, in this post from the same blog I learned that the world’s last known mechanical typewriter manufacturer has closed its doors. So, what do you think will be the next technology break through that will bite the dust?

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Stacy said...

Cable TV. Like HBO and so forth. Many people are streaming through the internet Hulu, and Netflix are huge. Cable co.. might stay around to offer the necessary high speed internet. However, why would I pay $150 a month to watch tv when I can pay 11 fro NEtflix and possible another 10 if Hulu decides to charge.