Thursday, May 5, 2011

National Teacher Recognition . . .

It is National Teacher Appreciation Week. I shared thanks yesterday in an e-mail that I will reprint below. I want to also share this link to a 3 minute presentation developed for this occasion from Mary Robinson Reynolds at

Please let me add my words of thanks to each of you as we celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week.  For many in our profession and especially for you that work directly with students, the recent national publicity associated with loss of bargaining rights at the state level and the focus on value added accountability would suggest that the nation's public schools are failing.  Unfortunately, there is a tendency in the media to lump all of us together in the reform debates taking place around the demand for major change.

We are not failing and we do no need to shift our focus as we continue to find additional ways to support all of our young people in being prepared for options in post high school learning and work.  Our success and that of our students is directly related to the capacity and commitment of our teachers to create positive learning environments for all students.  I want to thank each of you for this commitment and for the care that you bring to this important work.  This is a good school system and we are determined to get better.  That is only possible because you embrace our Classroom 10 vision and understand the need for continuous learning and adaptive change.

Thank you for your role in making the Tahoma School District a quality place for adult and student learning and for being a destination school system for people wanting to enroll their children in a place where quality counts.

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