Thursday, May 5, 2011

The trip and the bond . . .

Over the last month my blog has been dominated by the bond measure and my trip with the We the People Team. I have many potential topics in my blog folder, far too many at this time, but before I get to them I’ll share some additional information on the same two topics and then a short post on some important recognition.

The pictures below are from Representative Reichert’s office on the last day of our trip to Washington D.C. As I shared before, the time with him was informative and affirming for me. This entire experience was very rewarding for me. I am energized by being around these kids, their teachers, and the family members that were able to attend. I am also committed to supporting this program in finding new ways to prepare our young people for the challenges they face when competing at this level.

Another positive outcome of the trip was being able to separate somewhat from the defeat of the bond. As of today, about 49% of registered voters cast ballots, but only about 53% of them were yes and we needed 60% for approval. The late count thus far is smaller than in previous elections so it is difficult to determine how successful we were at getting more people to vote with the focus on the parent voter. We will be meeting soon with the board to reflect and to plan ahead.

One of the more disturbing outcomes of this vote is the yes percentage. In m mind, being this far from the required 60% removes the option of running the same measure in this calendar year. Unfortunately, this supports the strategy of those voting no because they believe that we are asking for more than we need. By voting no they believe it places us in the position of removing things we don’t need resulting in a smaller dollar amount. Only time and much difficult discussion will determine if this strategy will play out.

Many people are deserving of our thanks for the time, energy, and commitment they made to make this a community conversation starting with the VOTE co-chairs Erin Weaver and Barbara Kennedy. They did a great job of bringing many others on board who developed and implemented new ways of communicating the need and supporting those wanting the measure to pass. Thank you very much for your efforts, they are appreciated.

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