Wednesday, May 28, 2014

High School plans progressing . . .

At last night's meeting. the School Board took action to accept the schematic design for the new high school. This completes the first phase of the design process that provides us with a footprint of how the building and fields will be positioned on the site and location of rooms in the building.  The next phase of the design process will look more closely at what will go into the rooms, equipment, materials, colors, and systems. This will be followed by actual construction scheduled to begin early next year.

We need to thank DLR Architiects, OAC Services, and SKANSKA Construction for their efforts in bringing this vision to reality for us.  We also need to acknowledge King County and the City of Maple Valley for collaborating with us on the purchase of county property, the  partnership on the use of city property, and pushing through the many bureaucratic hurdles that must be overcome on a project of this size.

For more detail on the design and room location please click on the link below.

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