Monday, May 12, 2014

Growing respect . . .

As I join with our principals in preparing summary evaluations, I find the respect I have gained over the year for their commitment to TPEP growing.  Through observations and conversations with all principals and one assistant, I have seen and heard the commitment they have made to be in classrooms and collect evidence to support their judgments.  This has been a year of new learning for all of us as we try new structures to support prioritizing time to be in classrooms and use new forms to collect and share data.

Because we are about a year behind with implementing the principal evaluation I have only two comprehensive, the fewest of the administrators in the system.  The range for others is four to twelve and may even be thirteen in one case.  I also have an added advantage with the principal model in not being required to rate each of the individual elements, it requires only a criterion rating.  I am learning, however, that rating each element may be a better approach that leads to a more accurate overall rating. Given my experience and time commitment with only two comprehensive my respect for our principals is growing as I learn about the time it is taking for each of the summary evaluations.  I am also pleased with our effort to maintain a focus on supporting teacher growth over time while being faced with the requirement of the summative evaluation.  Though we have much yet to learn, we approach the task with positive intent and continued commitment to supporting growth.

I would be remiss if I didn't also share my appreciation and respect for teachers on comprehensive who are giving of their time to provide evidence and the increased feedback conversations that accompany multiple classroom observations.  Thank you for your commitment and support of our learning as we find ways to make this required process part of our collaborative culture.

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