Monday, May 19, 2014

Consider joining us . . .

This evening I was on a conference call with other board members of E3 Washington.  If you know me well, you know that I am not a joiner especially at the board level, but when asked I found myself saying yes.  On the phone call this evening, I found myself asking why as I am the budget representative and we are experiencing, as many non-profits are, significant budget issues. As I now reflect, I know why and it is in the focus of the work which is on sustainability and our aspiration to work at the state and regional level to bring other organizations and individuals together to promote sustainable communities and education for sustainability.  I believe that there is no other organization in our state positioned to perform this important clearinghouse role.

An event that we sponsor is the E3 Summer Evening Experience where we honor individuals and organizations in the following categories; Informal Educator, Tribal Leader, Diversity in Action, Government, and Student Leader.   The information for the evening is below.  Please consider attending and supporting our work, tickets are $30 for an evening of celebration, networking, learning, and food and beverages.  If you are interested in sponsoring the event please let me know.

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