Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Seeking adaptive solutions . . .

There are many major initiatives demanding time making it more and more difficult for me to maintain a focus on providing support for principals and central office leadership.  My situation is similar to that faced by all of us, competing demands on our time and added responsibilities with little likelihood of dropping any current job functions.  The demand for engagement in the planning of our new high school has been the latest need for my time with the replacement levy decision and processing up next.  Others in the central office are also experiencing significant push and pull on their time from these same initiatives.

So, how do we meet increased job functions and maintain a focus on what we consider to be priority responsibilities while maintaining a balance in our lives?  Is it possible to provide quality leadership in public education while maintaining a balance in our lives?  Since I don't view saying no as an option, what new strategies and structures are necessary to adapt to these changing conditions?  What can and must we do to support each other through new adaptive structures and strategies?

These are some of the questions I am struggling with as I try to keep my priority on supporting building leaders in Classroom 10 and TPEP work and my central office colleagues in their leadership and support work at the building and system level.  Though the context will be different for each us, the needs are similar.  How we respond to these competing commitments and the demands we place on ourselves will influence the cultures that emerge from our efforts and the learning environments that result.

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