Monday, December 16, 2013

Reflection leads to wondering . . .

I'm sitting at home reflecting on the day and wondering how I could have been more effective in providing leadership, direction, and feedback on a number of topics and with the many colleagues who shared their day with me.  So much of my work is about feedback and support that I don't have traditional "products" to measure success so I often reflect on conversations and what I could or should have said or done in various situations.
As always in this situation, I find specific examples of positive influence and other examples where I question my effectiveness.  Today was no exception as I keep revisiting part of a conversation where I attempted to make a point with a questionable statement instead of a reflective question.  In a later conversation it was clear that my comment at the time did not have the desired impact that the later conversation and questions did.  I'm now wondering what influenced my intentional choice of the statement and what I need to do to not repeat the behavior.  Sometimes you just mess up and need to acknowledge and move forward.  Looking forward to tomorrow and a fresh start.

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