Sunday, December 15, 2013

Interesting reader . . .

I had an interesting comment posted to my last post on the common core.  It came from the Illinois Freedom Coalition.  When I went to their link it took me to a blogger site that started in February 2013 with 562 profile views before I added mine.  The comment I share below shows how emotional the common core has become for some and the scope of arguments being used against it.

For years they went after the kids but good teachers maintained control of their curriculum. Now the communists are going after the teachers, follow the script of be fired. This started with Bush one and he dedication to the UN charter which violates the US Constitution 15 ways. The special status and benfits for teachers and unions has passed, join the parents and enforce the constitution or we move to the soviet system.

What is interesting to me is how my post actually was read by an individual in Illinois who felt the need to post a comment.  We see and read so much about online privacy, but this is my first experience that drives home the point that you never know who is watching and reading.  Out of all the blogger posts on December 12th, it boggles my mind that I would receive a comment from an anti common core organization in Illinois.

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