Sunday, December 1, 2013

Difficult decisions . . .

Looking forward to tomorrow night's Seahawk game against the Saints, but it is presenting me with a challenge.  For the first time, I have sideline passes to be on the field during pregame warm-ups compliments of my ticket agent.  Since my seats are under cover I rarely worry about what to wear other than being warm.  With this opportunity and the weather forecast I now have the problem of what to wear not only for warmth, but to remain dry while on the field.

Compared to bond issues and the day-to-day decisions I make this may not seem like a big issue, but it is a decision I must make tonight to be ready for the game.  So, what criteria do I use in arriving at the "best" answer to my dilemma?  I have three different Seahawk outer wear possibilities, but none are water proof.  I have three water proof jackets, but none show Seahawk colors.  So, what is more important, showing our colors or staying dry?  Or, can I accomplish both?  Yes, I can by wearing a light water proof jacket under a Seahawk top.  I'll stay dry and show our colors at the same time.  Better yet, maybe the latest forecast will be accurate and it will be dry and cold something I can and have planned for at Seahawk games.

So, tomorrow at about 4:30 p.m. I'll be on the sideline next to where the Saints will be warming up.  No food, no autographs, but pictures are allowed.  Should be an interesting experience to see and hear this part of the pregame activities.  I'll share some thoughts in the next post.


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John said...

Excellent success criteria Mr. Maryanski. Another way to be successful at this task is to head to the Pro-Shop and get a waterproof rain jacket. They actually had some pretty sweet deals last time I was there. Now on to the Seahawks: the learning target for our beloved team is to beat the Saints. They will be successful in achieving this target by doing the following: a) stop the Saints' powerful offense by sacking Brees at least 12 times; b) intercept Mr. Brees at least 12 times; and c) run the ball down the throat of the New Orleans' defense at least 12 times...12 seems to be the number. Looking forward to being part of the 12th Man with you sir; I will be watching you from a far (very, very far...).