Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mathematically impossible . . .

With over 13,400 ballots counted and with a Yes vote of 69.48% I was told this evening that if every ballot not yet counted was a No, the measure would still meet the 60% requirement for passing.  What an accomplishment.  We have moved from hoping for 60% to now wanting the final count to be over 70% Yes.  If someone had suggested this as a possibility two weeks ago I would have said no way.

At this evening's Board meeting we invited a number of people to join us so that we could thank them for their commitment and leadership in support of this bond measure.  Below, are those from the VOTE Committee, from the Chamber and business community, and from staff that could join us.

We also had the honor of thanking Barbara Kennedy for her long standing support of our school system in a variety of capacities and for her leadership of the VOTE Committee for many years.  Though I'm sure if asked she will be there when we need her, she will pull back from her leadership role.  THANK YOU BARB!

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