Sunday, November 3, 2013

Another bond interview . . .

Kevin Patterson shared on Friday that King 5 wants to interview me again about the bond on Monday morning.  As many of you know, being interviewed by the media may be just below having to make the snow/ice school closure call on my list of least favorite things to do.  Today, as I think about tomorrow morning it may in fact be number one on my list.

So, why the anxiety about an interview that may be no longer than five minutes resulting in maybe 30 seconds of on air time?  Part of it is the process, multiple questions reduced to a few short sound bites often taken out of context.  Another part is that I can't make a definitive statement about when and if the Board will make the decision to implement one or both of these alternative delivery models.  It is the decision that we have made at this point in time because it best positions the system to continue our learning organization journey given continued growth in student enrollment, but there is much to discuss and consider before implementing ether or both. Adding to that, is my assumption that their purpose is to push this issue of going to year-round, multi-track and double shift if the bond fails.  It was part of the previous interview and with the timing being the day before ballots are due makes me feel that this is the intent.

Many of my colleagues and people in the community tell me it doesn't matter because any on air time is  important in our effort to provide voters with information on our need for increased capacity.  Though I don't disagree, the timing and my assumption about the intent for tomorrow's interview is not needed as we approach the ballot due date.  I would feel much better if the the intent was to focus on our over crowded conditions, on the possibilities for improving all learning environments with the addition of a new Tahoma High School, on the opportunities for our young people and community with higher education partnerships, and on the collaborative effort that has emerged during the process of educating our community to the need.  Maybe some of these questions will be asked and even be included in whatever makes the news.

Though difficult, I'll work at suspending my assumption to be open to a more positive intent.  Speaking of positive, yesterday we had over 200 people lining Maple Valley Highway in the wind and rain to show their support of the bond.  It will be very difficult for anyone to say they didn't know about it, something that we always hear following a school measure placed before the voters.  Sean Kelly shared the picture below of some of us getting the word out.

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