Monday, November 25, 2013

I'm wondering . . .

Am I the only one still looking at the bond results?  I'm  pulling to get to 70%, but we are falling short at 69.49%.  With tomorrow being the date for certification of the results there is still a slim chance as there are a couple hundred votes yet to count.  While I am pleased and proud of the results it would have been nice to reach 70%.  Maybe we'll get to 69.5% or more so rounding will reach what has become my goal.

Not only did we pass at a percentage greater than any of us imagined we did it with a very large return.  The return at the county level was about 48%, but for us it was a whopping 61%.  So, tomorrow is the day when it all becomes official and I can let go of my goal and move to other blog topics.

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